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The Clinic

Business is located in a sport performance/rehab clinic.

My Philosophy


I am very passionate and professional about my work and make sure I give the right treatment for the needs of my clients so they leave as happy, pain free and satisfied as possible.


I am constantly learning new techniques to add to my knowledge in order to offer more treatments to my clients.

Hello my name is Sylvie Mainguy,   I am a registered massage therapist and I have 15 years of experience, I specialize in:




-Hot stone

-Manual lymph drainnage

-Sport massage

-Pregnancy massage


Soon I will be an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner


I have the requirement for 2200h exemption

I am a member of  NHPC association

Also I speak two languages (French and English)

I just completed a Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture course, waiting to do the board exam to be able to practice, expecting to be done in 2019.



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