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It's a massage mix with stretch concentrate on a specific area of the body like the back.  



Kinesitherapy: (movement of the body),  this treatment is for any mobility issues of the body, like rotator cuff problem.

Orthotherapy: (posture),  this treatment is regarding the posture, example: lower back pain because sitting too long or shoulder problem by using too much computer.    It's a deep tissue work included trigger point, stretch, acupressure. 


Sport Massage

It's a pre or post treatment for any workout.



For relaxation, soft to deep tissue according to the client's desire.


Bowen therapy

A neuro-muscular technique, who encourage the brain, by doing a series of motion over the muscles, tendons..., to reconize a problem on the body and fix it. It's a light but profound and very relaxing technique, usually last for 7 to 10 days depending on the problem.   For more informations go to


Manual lymph drainage

Technique to increase the lymphatic flow,  this is good when combine with a detox or people who had or have breast cancer, or dealing with oedema, swelling...


Hot stone therapy

Massage with hot stone either for relaxation (full body) or therapeutic but this is for a specific area only, like the back and neck

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